La Familia Movements is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization and donations are tax deductible.

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La Familia Movements

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La Familia Movements

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La Familia Movements

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About our Non Profit Corporation


Job Coaching

College Preparation

Building Blocks

Community Building Blocks

The goal is to promote community service and leadership through social and/or athletic experiences via cross-cultural exchange. Volunteers from St James & beyond ranging in age from fourteen years to adults gather in community and engage in community projects with the residents. These powerful activities will set the foundation to provide a safe, nurturing and healthy environment for children and young adults. Children are our most valuable natural resource. In partnership, we hold the key to their success and intend to benefit the youth of Jamaica.


   Our Approach:

Promoting literacy skills and reading with primary aged youth beautification programs within the community, competitive Sports events.  Arts exchange in visual and performing arts,conflict Resolution Peer Training,

Promoting positive maternal, child, adolescent and family health values.Enhancing quality of life by promoting prevention and management of infectious and chronic disease. Promoting comprehensive health improvement processes to improve consciousness in communities.Providing a safe, nurturing and healthy environment for children and young adults.Creating environments that enhance thinking skills, such as creativity, decision-making, problem solving and reasoning.Helping to develop personal attitudes and qualities, such as integrity, responsibility and self-motivation.


Community Center

Our goal is to build a community center in the parish of St James, Jamaica in the year 2026. La Familia Community Center (LFCC) will offer a place of dignity and hope for the families in St James, Jamaica. They will have their own dedicated space for youth programs, job training and cultural activities. This facility will usher in a brighter future for thousands of kids and teens for decades to come. One of the many reasons our programs shall be effective is our unique approach to build the community center in the heart of the community we serve. We plan to transform lives by providing a safe place where our youth can be themselves, be proud, and experience opportunities. 


Land Cost:

Our first quote of 1/4 Acre on 16 King Street in Somerton St James, Jamaica was $5.500.00 US

Administration Area (50,000 US):

The casual gathering space can host a variety of important functions, such as a training space for members, staff and volunteers. Equally important, it’s where we bring the community together, engaging citizens and building relationships. A comfortable waiting room, meeting hall and the foundation's main office shall be located here. This area will make sure our foundation is organized and on the right path.

Playground (9,500 US): 

A secure, outdoor space for our younger kids to be kids, have fun and make connections with each other.

Soccer Field/Futbol Field (27,000 US):

A beautifully designed space that can easily accommodate many children at a time, this is among the most used areas by children and youth. Football is a very important sport in Jamaica and we strongly believe in parenting with other football clubs worldwide (e.g, LA Galaxy, Vaughn College). We shall utilize this space for the development of program activities which encourage fun and exercise while learning important life skills.

Library and Computer Center (Estimated Cost 50,000 US):

The library will contain reading material appropriate for all ages. This center will be a key educational and entertainment resource for our children and other community residents.

Youth Classroom (Cost 25,000 US):

A dedicated learning space and homework assistance room (K-12).  Open hours 2:30pm – 7:00pm.

Cafeteria (45,000 US):

This is where we shall eat and also offer advice on how to serve affordable, nourishing meals that help families save money to improve their health. Kids and parents alike get to participate, learn and cook together.

Farm/ Agriculture Area (10,000 US):

This area shall be very important space for our children to get a hands training in a career field that is very important to the country of Jamaica. Agricultural production is an important contributor to Jamaica's economy, accounting for 7.4 percent of GDP in 1997 and providing nearly a quarter of the country's employment. Sugar, which has been produced in Jamaica for centuries, is the nation's dominant agricultural export, but the country also produces bananas, coffee, spices, pimentos, cocoa, citrus, and coconuts. 

Donors will have the option to name a structure or room within the center. This will provide Donors a chance to leave a lasting impression on the spaces that are changing the lives of residents in disadvantaged communities.

Humanitarian Award

Jimmy Cliff

Our LFM Humanitarian Award recipient James "Jimmy Cliff" Chambers. You are a wonderful human being and we love you. Much blessings to Irie FM for organizing such a wonderful event in our loving Somerton, St James community. Thank you to all the beautiful humans who took a journey into Somerton, St James to honor Mr. Chambers. The guest list was breathe taking and we cherish your precious time. One of the most important lessons Mr. Chambers taught us as children is that where there is love there is life. We shall never forget that lesson and we shall continue teaching our children that lessons until the end of time. Thank you Jimmy!

"The love is still here. The community consciousness of doing things together for each other, one for all, all for one is still here. We don't depend on... Politicians...we respect...we respect...but we don't DEPEND" - James "Jimmy Cliff" Chambers

Until The End of Time


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